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ReachLocal Launches ‘The ReachLocal Xchange,’ The First-Of-Its-Kind Local Advertising Platform


New Technology Platform Seamlessly Connects Internet Media Publishers and Solutions Providers with Untapped Local Advertising Market; the ReachLocal Xchange Launches with Anchor Publishers Fox Audience Network, Ask Sponsored Listings and Over 100 Other Media Publishers and Solutions Providers

ReachLocal Inc. (, the global leader in local online marketing, announced today the launch of the ReachLocal Xchange with anchor publishers Fox Audience Network, Ask Sponsored Listings and over 100 other media publishers and solutions providers.

The ReachLocal Xchange is a new proprietary technology platform that enables major and long tail Internet publishers and solutions providers a cost-effective way to tap into the advertising budgets of local advertisers. For local advertisers, the ReachLocal Xchange offers unprecedented reach to potential customers across the ever-expanding universe of Internet publishers.

"The local online advertising market is extremely fragmented and chaotic with tens of millions of local businesses, hundreds of thousands of online publishers, and thousands of solutions providers," said Zorik Gordon, Co-Founder and CEO of ReachLocal. "The ReachLocal Xchange brings order to that chaos by providing a single platform for these groups to connect."

For media publishers integrating directly into the ReachLocal Xchange, they can easily create custom ad inventory offers that are then displayed and promoted to local advertisers via ReachLocal's global feet-on-the-street Internet Marketing Consultants (IMCs). This access allows publishers to generate more revenue and higher overall yield for their inventory; to enhance ad content with locally and regionally-focused advertisers; and to create custom ad offers across different ad formats, sizes and types.

For local advertisers, national brands, and agencies, the ReachLocal Xchange offers them unprecedented access to Internet audiences in order to deliver their marketing messages wherever and whenever their target consumers are online. This is achieved with a single media buy, full campaign tracking and reporting, and optimization technology that places ads only on the best converting publisher properties.

"As consumer usage of the Internet continues to fragment, the advertising platform with the broadest reach and smartest technology will win the battle for local advertisers," said Rob Wright, ReachLocal Co-Founder and General Manager, Xchange.

In addition, solutions providers who integrate into the ReachLocal Xchange can use the platform as a marketplace where they can offer digital, creative and conversion solutions to the local businesses that need them to develop components of their online campaigns. The growing number of solutions providers includes companies that offer display creative, video production, Web site design, live chat, online scheduling, call coaching, mobile messaging and more.

Currently ReachLocal's nearly 500 IMCs manage local, regional and national advertisers out of more than 35 offices in the United States, Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom.  


David Glaubke,

Director of Corporate Communications

ReachLocal, Inc.





Publish Date: 
Monday, April 20, 2009

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