As a local business, you must take advantage of Facebook social media advertising to reach and engage with consumers before they search. And with our local Facebook advertising service, you can put your business message or compelling offer in front of a lot of interested prospects who are ready to take action. Leave the hard work up to us – and watch your business grow.


ReachSocial AdsTM works to grow your business by driving brand awareness, website traffic, social engagement, and leads from Facebook.

Better Brand Visibility

With over 1 billion active users worldwide — and many spending an hour or more a day on the site1 — the Facebook News Feed is prime online real estate for any business. With Facebook ads, you can reach the right audience on the right platform.

New, Engaged Prospects

Over 30%2 of Facebook users say they engage with ads they see in their desktop or mobile News Feed by liking the ads, leaving a comment or sharing them with their network. This activity exposes your brand message to more people than ever before — without the extra cost.

Trackable Traffic & Leads

Generating leads like calls, online form fills, and in-store visits is instrumental to growing your business. And Facebook can deliver, with plenty of advertising programs dedicated to getting more people to your business and tracking the results.

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When you work with ReachLocal for your Facebook advertising, you'll grow your business through a full-service advertising program.

Full-Service Facebook Advertising

We work with you to build a complete Facebook advertising program that works with your budget and business goals. We develop every part of your campaign, manage it over time, and track and report your results, like engagements, visits, calls, and form submissions - so you know exactly what your ads are getting you.

Customised Targeting & Creative

Your custom Facebook advertising campaign reaches only the most interested consumers by targeting users based on factors like their location, demographics, interests, and recent online behaviours (like a recent website visit). By showing the right users authentic ads with compelling calls to action, and optimising them for results, you can reach your business goals quickly and cost-effectively.

Lead Ads with Lead Delivery*

With our Lead Ads program, Facebook users can complete your lead form directly on Facebook itself, making it easier for them to contact you. Then, your new leads are delivered to you in real time via email, or to your ReachLocal inbox when you add our ReachEdge lead management software.

1 Facebook data  2 eMarketer
*Only available with Lead Ads program

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