20 - 40
Leads per month from ReachLocal campaigns
Leads coming in are of higher value than before
ReachEdge gives valuable insight in campaign spending and what's really working

AIO is a Melbourne-based labour hire company offering experts in a wide range of fields including professionals in engineering, fabrication and industrial design. AIO provides the technical expertise and capabilities to get the job done.

Every time I approach ReachLocal with a different challenge or a new set of campaigns I want to do, they always adapt it to our business, so that we are only doing the right things.

Grant Savari | General Manager | AIO


AIO’s greatest challenge was generating new leads into the business. Being in a B2B market, AIO struggled to position themselves as specialists in their field while targeting a niche audience. They needed a trusted digital marketing provider to help them consolidate their online presence and allow them to reach the right business consumers.


ReachLocal has implemented a cohesive digital marketing strategy for AIO. This includes two ReachSearch campaigns as well as Site and Search Retargeting to drive new leads to their website. TotalLiveChat brings the ability to capture these consumers 24/7, which is particularly valuable given their target audience are business owners who mightn’t have time to inquire during normal hours. A ReachDisplay GeoFence campaign is also running to promote brand awareness in geographical areas with a higher number of work sites where skilled trade workers are needed.