Rova Rentals

Rova Rentals

Website visits in 11 months
Average number of new leads each month
Expansion of rental car fleet to meet growing customer demand

Rova Rentals is a startup company from Sydney’s western suburbs, providing a variety of commercial, utility and light vehicles for hire at competitive rates.

Within a short period of time the phone inquiries and Internet bookings increased markedly. Switching to ReachLocal was the best move we ever made.

Michael O’Donnell | Manager | Rova Rentals


Despite spending $100 per day with another marketing agency, Rova Rentals were not getting quality leads from their Search Engine Marketing.  They were told they’d need to increase their Google AdWords spend to get more leads coming in. On a recommendation from another local business, Michael contacted ReachLocal to see what they could do differently.


ReachLocal have been able to provide a dramatic increase in site visits and calls for the same budget. We’ve achieved this through our Conversion-Based Optimisation Technology and Machine Learning, as well as the high level of service provided by our Marketing Experts. We’ve segmented Rova Rentals’ campaigns for vehicle type, and have refined their keywords, added call extensions, and dynamic headings and landing pages.