Straight Down The Line Promotions

Straight Down The Line Promotions

Website visits in the last 12 months.
New lead contacts from calls, emails and contact form submissions.
Business growth, with a clear increase in the number of events and hires from the previous year.

Straight Down The Line Promotions have more than 16 years experience in making promotional events a success, providing amazing entertainers, staff and props to make your event a triumph.

The benefits I’ve seen almost immediately, are the amount of phone calls, email inquiries and online inquiries. I’m busy twelve months a year now, not six.

Rosalind Palisi | Owner | Straight Down The Line


Straight Down The Line Promotions was looking for ways to attract more inquiries for hiring out Santa, Elves and Mrs. Claus over the festive period, as well as to improve brand awareness. ReachLocal evaluated Straight Down The Line’s online presence, including their visibility on search engines, social networks and listings, as well as their websites’ quality score, to understand how best to improve their digital strategy.


ReachLocal implemented a fully-managed and targeted Google AdWords campaign with the right extensions, snippets and ad groups. This provides Straight Down The Line with the right traffic, and also differentiates their business from the competition. ReachLocal’s award-winning Optimisation Technology and high level of service ensures the delivery of quality leads that the business really needs to reach their short and long-term goals.