Todd's Plumbing and Electrical

Todd's Plumbing and Electrical

High website traffic from ReachLocal's search engine marketing campaigns.
Our campaigns deliver more relevant prospects, which turn into higher-value jobs.
Visibility on every lead, call and form fill coming in, which is invaluable to any business.

With a reputation for the best advice and service at a great price, Todd’s has been providing solar hot water, solar power, plumbing and electrical services to south-east Queensland for over 15 years.

Now we’re getting new inquiries through the Internet. The funny part about that is, if we keep each new customer happy, they’ll refer us on so, we’ll be getting a double hit off the marketing we’re getting from ReachLocal.

Todd Lane | Owner | Todd’s Plumbing & Electrical


Over the past 15 years Todd Lane has being putting ads in traditional media, such as the local paper and been confident that, along with referrals from happy customers, business would keep rolling in. However, with the proliferation of new and ever- changing technologies and increased market competition, Todd realised it was time to turn to a Trusted Advisor who specialises in digital marketing to keep leads coming in and help grow his business.


ReachLocal have implemented various digital strategies to bring Todd’s Plumbing and Electrical up-to-date with the digital marketplace. This includes multiple ReachSearch campaigns, targeting different aspects of the business and specific geographical locations, as well as a GeoFence campaign to help increase awareness in the local area.