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Alisa Swartz

San Francisco, CA
Internet Marketing Consultant

I have had many opportunities to speak with candidates who are considering employment at ReachLocal, and I am happy to share my thoughts. One of the things that I love about ReachLocal is that it is a dynamic, growing company. I love that we are able to make changes and add products based on the changes and evolution of the internet. I happily worked for AT&T Yellow Pages for 7 years, and I feel like I was on a luxury liner, sipping a cocktail, and jumped overboard landing on the ReachLocal speed boat, white knuckling it with the wind whipping through my hair. ReachLocal is positioned to quickly and nimbly navigate through the internet space; search, surf, social and who knows what next. It is a blast!

What is it like to work for ReachLocal? It is like running your own business. You need to have a strategy in place. You need to have a business plan and goals in mind. In the beginning, plan on working 24/7 if you want to reach the higher echelon of sales. Eat, breathe, sleep ReachLocal, constantly lead generating, driving all over to meet clients, analyzing results. And it is fun! It is amazing to see what an impact you can have on the livelihood of local businesses and their employees. When I left AT&T, I was thinking that I was selling advertising on Google & Yahoo. Working at RL is so much more. Your ability to impact a local business is huge. Since we record phone calls, I have worked with business on their intake protocol. Everything from training their personnel, to evaluating how their business operates, to discussing profit margins and angles to growing their businesses. It is extremely gratifying.

In this economy, I truly feel blessed to work at ReachLocal (I know it sounds corny, but there is a lot of suffering out there, and I am HAPPILY employed!).