Amy Hazlehurst | ReachLocal
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Amy Hazlehurst

Internet Marketing Consultant

I started working for ReachLocal when the San Diego office opened in June of 2008. This was the first time in my career that I've worked for a start-up office and been a part of such tremendous growth. Within a year and a half, I've learned so much and can proudly say I love my job. The work is challenging and you have to be driven to be successful, but the reward of being able to work independently and be financially rewarded makes it worth it.

As a new IMC, the work load consists mostly of prospecting & cold calling, hitting the pavement, sending information in the mail, etc. Within 6 months of the job, I realized I was also starting to do a lot of account management and began to focus on customer retention. After 9 months, my book of business really started to grow and I was getting referrals and increasing current customer budgets.

My favorite thing about working for ReachLocal is being able to work for a technology company that is advanced far beyond our competition, and truly believing in a product I sell. The office environment is friendly and relaxed, and I also enjoy the benefit of working from home and being out in the field. The work load remains consistent, and one of the most important things about the job is being able to balance time between prospecting, selling and account management. I love what I do and believe in the products we sell.