Harrington & Co

Harrington & Co

Increase in organic traffic
Brand awareness maximised on their niche position in the marketplace
Regular, transparent communication and reporting of campaign performance

Since 2002 Harrington & Co has become one of Brisbane’s leading and trusted names in the estate jewelery and luxury vintage watch market.

Our jewellery page became the second highest landing page organically, 6 months into SEO with ReachLocal. We have also been able to maximise on our niche position int he market place with pocket watches through ReachLocal’s SEO efforts in this area. The ReachLocal team deliver excellent transparency and reporting around results and regular communication.

Mark Hodges | Director | Harrington & Co


Mark Hodges, Director of Harrington & Co, knew they needed to get more people to their website, especially people who did not already know about them. The started following Google best practices and updating their website in-house, achieving some traction with certain keyword rankings. They weren’t sure if it was worth paying someone else to do it and whether it was going to make much of a difference to their organic rankings.


ReachLocal offered Harrington & Co our ReachSEO solution which is exactly what they were looking for. This allows Mark to focus on running his business, while leaving everything to do with his website and marketing to ReachLocal. The on going communication between Harrington & Co and ReachLocal means that Mark can always be aware of the results being driven as well as have insights into what the ReachLocal team have been working on month by month.