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Improved rank on search engine results pages
ReachEdge allows visibility on campaign performance, leads and spend

iLender make the process of arranging mortgages as simple as possible for the people of New Zealand.

ReachLocal has the benefits of both worlds. Big enough to be innovative and create products and small enough locally to really understand what we as business people need.

Jeff Royle | Director & Mortgage Expert | iLender Mortgages


iLender had been badly burnt previous when working with a SEO company that used outdated practices and dodgy backlinks to their website. They were looking for a digital marketing company that could supply transparency, expert recommendations and clarity in the results achieved.


ReachLocal provided the iLender team a detailed SEO website audit as well as various recommendations. Impressed by what was presented, they quickly implemented the ReachSEO solution. Not long after, iLender added ReachRetargeting, ReachSearch and ReachEdge to their digital marketing program. This helped them to stay top of mind and drive leads from customers searching their services.