Kumeu Bouncy Castles

Kumeu Bouncy Castles

In website visits and leads via form fills and TotalLiveChat inquiries
ReachEdge allows for visibility on every lead, call and form fill coming in
Great support from the ReachLocal team

Kumeu Bouncy Castles is a family-owned company based in Auckland, providing a superb range of bouncy castles and party entertainers.

It’s been really important that we see exactly where our money is being spent. I can see to the day, to the cent where it’s going, where we’re at, and when the next campaign’s going to start.I would absolutely recommend ReachLocal. They’ve been there since day one; they’re fantastic for small local businesses.

Cindy Kruger | Owner | Kumeu Bouncy Castles


Starting a business has been a big learning experience for Cindy and husbandFreddy. Not knowing much about digital advertising, they tried a couple oflocal companies providing Google AdWords services, but never felt confidentthat they were getting good return on their investment.


ReachLocal implemented a ReachSearch campaign for Kumeu BouncyCastles, along with ReachEdge (software to track leads and help businessesturn them into customers), so that Cindy can see exactly where her money isbeing spent, and when her next campaign is going to start. Since Cindy alsoworks a second job, Total Live Chat was set up on the Kumeu Bouncy Castleswebsite to answer visitors’ questions when she is unable to pick up the phone. She receives a full report of the chat conversation immediately via email.