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12 Adorable Puppies to Inspire Your Online Marketing

Puppies. Online marketing. What do the two have to do with each other? More than you might think! Researchers have discovered that humans have an innate sense of “cuteness” that has been shown to increase attention. In one study, researchers showed that infants would gaze longer at “cute images” – those that were intentionally manipulated to have factors such as large eyes, large heads, and round faces. So, there’s something to idea of harnessing the emotional and visual appeal of cute images in marketing and advertising.

But that’s not all puppies can teach you about online marketing!

While you probably don’t want to plaster all of your online marketing with random pictures of puppies, babies, and kittens, there are some great lessons you can learn about marketing from the cute puppies of the Internet. Here are 12 puppies (and pups!) to inspire your creativity along with the online marketing lessons you can learn from them.

1) This puppy who is famous on Facebook. And Instagram.

Boo, an adorable puppy with more than 15 million likes on Facebook and nearly half a million on Instagram, has become a public figure over the past few years and has even inspired an action figure of himself. His secret to success? Besides being totally adorable, his social media profiles are chock-full of regular, engaging photos for his fans to enjoy.


The Marketing Takeaway: Provide your audience with what they want so they keep coming back! Regularly updating your community with relevant, shareable, engaging content is one of the foundations to helping your social media presence and engagement grow.

2) This pup elegantly perched on top of lots of things.

Photos of Maddie the Coonhound became wildly popular after her owner, a photographer who goes by the Instagram handle ThisWildIdea, started posting beautifully composed portraits of her perched on top of different objects and artfully placed in interesting compositions.


The Marketing Takeaway: Beautiful, compelling photography can pack a powerful punch in your online marketing and help create genuine fans and buzz.

3) This puppy just being its cute self.

Corgnelius and his pal Stumphrey consistently share their adorable daily life and puppy antics on Instagram. These Welsh corgis are not only adorable, but they also appeal to their fans by sharing candid snapshots of their cute daily life in a realistic, appealing way.


The Takeaway: Cute happens every day, and not everything has to be professionally photographed or fine-tuned for it to connect with and make an impact on your audience. Show the day-in-the-life of your brand through images to build authentic engagement with your customers.

4) This pup popular for saying “I love you” on YouTube.

With more than half a million followers on YouTube and hundreds of millions of video views, Mishka the husky’s videos showcasing her mimicking human speech and her sweet personality are insanely popular.


The Marketing Takeaway: Don’t just rely on photography to tell your story. Harness the power of videos to showcase the personality and life of your business, employees, and customers online.

5) This puppy connecting with fans across the globe.

This adorable family and their Shiba Inu dogs are based in Japan and delight their followers with their daily antics, even though many of their fans are in other countries.

The Marketing Takeaway: Your messages, images, and content may resonate with people outside of your target audience. If so, own it, and harness the engagement, likes, and shares of everyone who is a fan of your brand online because they can help elevate your messages to the right audience.

6) This puppy who is crazy popular on Vine.

Ever heard of Vine? This video-sharing site allows you to upload short videos and snippets that create looping videos that people can view, embed, and enjoy online and in the Vine app and on Twitter. New platforms like this can be a great way to build brand and engagement, just as Rosie Pig, a Vine puppy whose videos are wildly popular.


The Marketing Takeaway: Try out new platforms, trends, and technologies to see if you can connect with your consumer base there. You never know what the next sensation will be!

7) These cute puppies and their adorable props.

The Instagram duo known as Digby and Aloysuis Van Winkle are not only adorable Griffon pups, but their feed is also full if cute photos of them in silly poses, hats, glasses, and costumes. The pair is popular for the humor and fun they bring every day.



The Marketing Takeaway: Use humor, fun, and creativity in your marketing to help set it apart and bring a little lightheartedness to your brand online.

8) This puppy hanging out with this adorable baby.

Last year, the Instagram account of one mama went viral when her family adopted a dog from a local shelter who adorably and faithfully napped with her small son each day. Over a year later, their naps are still going strong, and they are as popular as ever, a testament to the multiplicative power of cute.


The Marketing Takeaway: Just like you can multiply the power of cute by putting puppies and babies together, you can multiply the power of your online marketing by cross-pollinating your success and ideas to enhance all your efforts. If something works well in one source, format, or venue, give it a try in another and measure to see your success.

9) This pup being adorable and helping out a good cause.

This little guy is doing a great job raising awareness for a local shelter, reminding viewers about all the pets out there awaiting homes.


The Marketing Takeaway: Your business can also build awareness for causes you believe in by showcasing your community and philanthropic involvement on your blog and social media sites.

10) These puppies learning to climb stairs for the first time.

Can you teach an old dog new tricks? Well, you definitely can with puppies! These puppies learning how to climb stairs for the first time are not only adorable, but they can also teach us a thing or two about the importance of continual learning.



The Marketing Takeaway: Never stop learning and evolving your online marketing practice. Not only is it important to test and adapt to the evolving online marketing landscape, it’s fun and enjoyable too!

Bonus: These cute puppies just because. (You’ve earned it.)

People spend over 5.6 hours a day consuming content online, so why not enjoy a few more puppy pictures to reward yourself for actually learning something in this adorable puppies post?

11. This puppy and its adorable upside-down smirk.


12. This tiny puppy just being adorable.



What else can you learn from the puppies of the Internet about online marketing? How have you leveraged the power of cute or creativity to get more out of your marketing? We’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas in a comment!

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