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3 Tips to Step Up Your Social Media Game

There are countless blogs about tips and tricks on Facebook and how to step up your marketing game. Some strategies are focused on conceptual knowledge that can be hard to implement whereas others are easily actionable. These tips are designed for the latter, so let’s jump right to the point.

1. Take Your Imagery More Seriously

Not every photo is equal in terms of quality, and there’s no place this is more painfully true than Facebook and Instagram. There are content creators in nearly every vertical who work diligently to craft images that compel potential customers to act. What have you done lately to step up your game? Are you continuing to use the same stock images, or are you creating meaningful photos—and videos—that reflect the true awesomeness of your business?

While stock photos can be more cost-effective, in-house content is more authentic and eliminates the possibility of using images your potential customers have already seen elsewhere.

If your team doesn’t have the time or resources to commit to creating custom imagery just yet, spend a bit more time hunting for the right stock images to represent your brand. This means digging for images that might not appear on the first page of your search results. Or, you can use images your team takes on their cell phones – authentic images like this can help you stand out in a sea of stock photos.

2. Analyze & Follow Your Competitors

Don’t reinvent the wheel without first investigating what others around you are doing. What you might perceive as trendy could be entirely out of date. Some tactics are good for months, even years, others die almost as soon as they get off the ground. Social strategy is about endless pivoting, and you can’t pivot if you stay in your own bubble.

Tying back to the previous point, if competitors in your vertical are always generating original imagery but you’re not keeping pace, this could be one of the key reasons their business is booming. If your vertical is very niche, they alternatively could be using the same stock imagery you use for branding.

Facebook gives you some powerful tools to help you keep up with the competition. So, hop over to the Insights tab, which is rich with data about your page, and start following your competition under the Pages to Watch section. While the data on competitors is limited, it enables you to keep up with their posting frequency, engagement, and total page likes. It also wouldn’t hurt to follow your competitors’ pages through your personal profile to keep up with their content regularly. Chances are high they are already following you.

3. Engage with Your Followers

Don’t drop content on a page and ghost your audience. This comes across as insincere. Customers love brands they feel connected to, and what better way to connect with them than through social media? Connecting with people is, after all, what the platform was designed for.

From commenting on your posts and replying to messages in a timely manner to responding to both positive and negative reviews, there are countless ways you can show your audience you care and are listening.

Strapped for time? Setting up automatic replies in Messenger is a good place to start advancing your social communication strategies.

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