Our Story

ReachLocal was the first company created specifically to help local businesses solve the unique challenges of their online marketing. We’ve spent more than a decade building digital marketing technology focused exclusively on local, gathering powerful insights about what works by analyzing over a million campaigns, and developing experts who collaborate with you to get the results you want – more customers.

The Challenge

As consumers are turning online for information, traditional advertising is becoming less effective. Busy running their companies, owners need help moving their marketing online and making sure they are getting the best results for their money.

The Solution

ReachLocal helps solve this challenge by working with you to understand your business, developing a digital marketing strategy, and managing the solutions that get you the most return from your online marketing investment.

The Process

Your dedicated marketing consultant will work with you to develop a custom online marketing plan that meets your business needs and help you select the right solutions from our total digital marketing system. Then, our marketing experts will set up your campaigns and make sure you have visibility and understand the results so you know exactly what’s working and what needs adjusting.

The Results

Getting real results from your marketing is what matters to you, and it’s also what matters to us. That’s why we pioneered technology that not only helps us track the results you’re getting from your online marketing across all of your marketing channels, but also helps us continually drive better results for you. As for the actual results we provide? Well, we’ve delivered over 200 million leads to local businesses around the globe.