Capture Code, our proprietary tracking technology identifies when visitors turn into leads through form fills, emails and chat.


Tracking URLs tie website traffic to both traditional and digital marketing campaigns.


Call tracking phone numbers on both digital and traditional marketing connect your investment to leads.


Optimize Digital Campaigns for Conversions

Included with LOCALiQ search, display and social ads campaigns, websites and live chat is our proprietary tracking technology, Capture Code, and tracking phone numbers. Working with you, our marketing experts use this information to measure and optimize campaign effectiveness.

Offline Marketing with Online Results

Leverage our Capture Code technology, URLs and phone numbers with your traditional advertising such as Print Ads within the USA Today Network to capture leads and track advertising performance.

Review Calls

Custom Call tracking digitally records every call made into your tracking phone numbers, along with the caller's name, phone number, and location. You can listen to and rate your calls to learn more about your lead opportunties and help improve sales and staff performance.

LOCALiQ: The Smart Way to Reach Local Consumers

As part of the USA Today Network, we empower business with unique insights from 125MM consumers. We use best practices from the 285MM+ leads we've driven to local businesses around the world I the last 10 years. LOCALiQ simplies marketing and drive results.