Advanced DJ Services

Advanced DJ Services

Updated website converts more leads into customers
Leads doubled within a couple of weeks
Lead generation software connects business to customers in real time

Tarcy Schindelka started Advanced DJ Services in Edmonton, Canada, almost nine years ago with the goal of making sure people at charity events, corporate events weddings and parties have a great time.


When Schindelka wanted to grow his business, he knew he needed to find a way to convert more leads and update his website with a new design that enticed customers while providing a great online experience. He also needed to make the lead generation and follow up process more streamlined and less time consuming.


Schindelka saw that Advanced DJ Services’ website was bringing in a lot of traffic, but not many leads, so he started using ReachLocal’s website and lead conversion software ReachSite™ and ReachEdge™. Through ReachLocal’s website and lead generation solutions, he was able to connect with customers in real time, update his website to convert more leads, track where leads were coming and provide a more user-friendly experience and professional-looking design for web visitors.