ASC English School

ASC English School

Facebook daily average reach of almost 1.1k for ad campaigns
organic Facebook page growth in 6 months
organic Facebook engagements in 6 months

Founded in 1993, ASC English School teaches English as a second language to international students in Boston, MA, in order to prepare them for college in the United States.

“Facebook marketing through a paid and organic strategy has allowed ASC English School to be more visible, and we’ve seen more traffic and phone calls coming in as a result of our work with ReachLocal.”

- Carl Nelson, President, ASC English School


ASC English School’s president, Carl Nelson, knows that location is important for success. And in this day and age, a good location means visibility online where people are spending so much of their time. He knew that in order to increase student registration, he needed to market his business online and on Facebook, but he wasn’t sure where to start, so he turned to ReachLocal.


ASC English School is running a comprehensive digital marketing strategy powered by ReachLocal, with solutions including ReachSocial Ads for Facebook advertising, organic social media management with ReachLocal’s social add-on, ReachDisplay GeoFence for local mobile advertising, ReachSEO for search engine optimization, ReachEdge + ReachSite for powerful lead management and a smart website, TotalLiveChat for website chat, ReachSearch for search advertising, and ReachListings for directory listings management.