Classic Games and Billiards

Classic Games and Billiards

revenue increase in 2016
2017 revenue
on track to beat 2016
Increased profit-per-sale by up to 5%

Classic Games and Billiards is British Columbia’s exclusive Brunswick dealer, as well as the sole authorized Viking Cues dealer in the Lower Mainland. The company is known for having the largest selection of custom pool cues in BC. While Classic Games and Billiards has been serving customers throughout the Lower Mainland since 2002, the owners have been selling, installing, repairing, and moving pool tables in the local area since 1977.

“We have tried to do just about every type of marketing program ourselves – both digital and offline – but none of them yielded remarkable results. ReachLocal’s innovative search solutions, plus their expert advice and flawless execution have delivered all the business we need to thrive and grow, so we don’t see any reason to do anything else.”

- Nick Vinciguerra, Owner, Classic Games and Billiards 



In 2002, when Nick Vinciguerra, co-owner of Classic Games and Billiards, originally started his business, he knew he needed a way to get his company’s name on the map. Like many growing businesses, budget was a factor, so he attempted to handle the marketing function internally. He used a variety of advertising mediums such as home shows, newspapers, flyers, the Yellow Pages, email campaigns, and Google AdWords, but struggled to find success on his own. Especially in the beginning or during seasonal times, Vinciguerra was spending nearly a quarter of his time on search marketing. As Google added more and more robust product offerings, this process became too time-consuming for him to execute while running his business. Vinciguerra knew there had to be a better way to reach his business goals through search advertising without having to expend so much time and effort. That is when he turned to ReachLocal.


Classic Games and Billiards runs our search engine advertising solution, ReachSearch, Facebook advertising solution, ReachSocial Ads, lead management solution, ReachEdge, and website solution, ReachSite.