Colorado Bariatric Surgery

Colorado Bariatric Surgery

impressions from Facebook ads in six months
Nearly 1.5k clicks on Facebook ads in six months
Almost 900 user engagements on Facebook ads in six months

Colorado Bariatric Surgery, led by Dr. Tom Brown, has been providing patients with weight loss surgery procedures, support, and treatment since 2001 in the Denver, Colorado area.

“I’m pleased with the partnership we have with ReachLocal, and I feel like I can rely on them.”

- Jane Brown, Chief Operating Officer, Colorado Bariatric Surgery


Jane Brown, Chief Operating Officer at Colorado Bariatric Surgery, knew that people were increasingly using Facebook to research for procedures like bariatric surgery, and she wanted to expand the practice’s presence on Facebook.


Colorado Bariatric Surgery started using ReachLocal's Facebook advertising solution, ReachSocial Ads, after seeing success with their ReachLocal campaigns for SEO through ReachSEO and search advertising through ReachSearch.