Cycle Design

Cycle Design

increase in website visits from Facebook ads
increase in website visits from search ads
Increased traffic flow to website

Cycle Design is a franchise motorcycle dealership in Phillpston, MA. Cycle Design got started in 1969 selling dirt bikes and now sells street and dirt motorcycles, ATVs, scooters, snowmobiles, and more.

“Since we had ReachLocal take over our digital marketing, I can’t believe the difference! I think ReachLocal does a great job, and we are very pleased.”

- Jayma Wilkins, General Manager, Cycle Design


Cycle Design is located in a smaller area and doesn’t get a lot of foot traffic to their location, so they knew they needed a way to attract new customers online and drive them to their dealership.


Cycle Design reaches new customers and keeps them engaged through ReachLocal’s Facebook advertising solution, ReachSocial Ads. They previously ran co-op ads with manufacturers, which was great for inventory awareness but didn’t help with brand recognition or amplification, so they wanted search ads that were geared toward their business as well, so they run ReachLocal’s search advertising solution, ReachSearch.