Davis Trading & Supply Ltd.

Davis Trading & Supply Ltd.

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Davis Trading & Supply Ltd. is a recycling company in Vancouver, British Columbia. When the business started over 100 years ago, they specialized in recycling non-metals and building materials, but now they recycle metals only and provide a number of recycling services including roll-off bins, brokerage, project consulting, and more.

"I like working with ReachLocal because I’ve been able to get the information I need about how my campaigns are performing, and I’m able to go to ReachLocal’s offices to get the things I need done for marketing.” 

- Harold Setynski, Sales & Marketing Manager, Davis Trading & Supply Ltd.


Davis Trading’s current customer is largely of offline, but they understand the importance of getting their business online to attract new customers as people shift away from phonebooks and toward search engines to find products and services.


Davis Trading runs ReachLocal's search advertising solution, ReachSearch, and our mobile in-app geofencing solution, ReachDisplay GeoFence, to get in front of new customers and increase brand awareness.