LG Law

LG Law

LG Law is a law firm serving the Kansas City, MO, area with a focus on employment-related claims.

“My campaign has been good at finding the right people that need the type of legal services that I provide. The team is great at reassuring me that I'm getting what I paid for, that it works, and that they're not setting it and forgetting it."

Lewis Galloway, Attorney, LG Law


Lewis Galloway, attorney and owner of LG Law, was looking for a way to reach the people searching for his services in his area. While he regularly received referrals from other lawyers and attorneys, the majority of his clients don't have a prior relationship with a lawyer and are searching for them on search engines.


After being referred to our team over five years ago, Galloway began working with us for marketing solutions including Search Marketing, Live Chat, and Websites so he could get in front of potential clients searching for his services, present a clear picture of who he is and what he does on his website, and capture and qualify leads with live chat.