Skin Spa New York

Skin Spa New York

Nearly 50k total clicks on Facebook ads since starting ReachSocial Ads
One YouTube video ad had a website CTR of 0.89% and 1,116 video plays
Facebook ad campaign generated almost 500 post likes and more than 200 post shares in just one month

Skin Spa New York is a results-oriented luxury spa brand with locations in New York City and Boston. They specialize in providing a range of spa services including skin care, laser hair removal, and cellulite reduction to clients at an affordable prize without compromising luxury.

“We were working directly with Google for our search advertising, but we got the call from ReachLocal, and they took the time to learn our industry. It’s been a great working relationship that has only improved over time.”

- Tom Elzner, Founder & Owner, Skin Spa New York


Skin Spa New York relies on internet marketing to drive new client growth and needed to work with a company that could help them advertise their business successfully across a range of online channels.


Skin Spa New York develops a presence on top search engines using ReachLocal’s search engine optimization solution, ReachSEO, and ReachLocal’s search advertising solution, ReachSearch. They stay top-of-mind with prospects through ReachLocal’s retargeting solution, ReachRetargeting. They get in front of Facebook users with ReachSocial Ads, ReachLocal’s Facebook advertising solution, and target YouTube users with custom YouTube advertising through ReachLocal.