Yvette Shipman - Pacific Union Real Estate

Yvette Shipman - Pacific Union Real Estate

Facebook ads drove almost 400 website clicks in less than one month
Facebook ads received nearly 14k impressions in less than one month
Generated close to 300 page engagements in less than one month

Yvette Shipman is a residential real estate agent with Pacific Union Real Estate specializing in second homes in the beautiful Lake Tahoe, CA/NV, area.

“Everybody I have interacted with at ReachLocal has been exceptionally positive. Their attitude and willingness to listen and contribute ideas is impressively cooperative, and that really makes a difference.”

- Yvette Shipman, Realtor & Second Home Specialist, Pacific Union Real Estate



Shipman was looking for a way to expand her business through Facebook and retarget interested potential buyers who meet her demographic criteria.


Shipman partnered with ReachLocal at the recommendation of a colleague to retarget interested buyers through ReachRetargeting. She added ReachSocial Ads, ReachLocal’s Facebook advertising solution, to reach potential buyers through Facebook.