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Reverse Proxy Infographic

Learn how ReachLocal’s unique Reverse Proxy technology tracks all the activity your campaigns generate, like page views, Web events, emails, calls, and more, without ever needing to change your website.

  1. A consumer clicks on an ad from your ReachLocal search engine advertising, display advertising, or remarketing, campaigns.
  2. Once the consumer clicks on the ad, they are taken to a proxy version of your website.
  3. The proxy version of your website utilizes Reverse Proxy technology to track phone calls, as well as Web events, form submissions, and emails.
  4. The consumer sees your exact website with the new tracking elements inserted. It is your site they visit, not a mirrored copy of the page.
  5. Thanks to our Reverse Proxy technology, form submissions, and emails, along with the call details and recorded calls made to your tracking phone number.

Copy and paste the code below into your website or blog.