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Webinar: Search That Works - 7 Tips for Reaching the Distracted Consumer

Recording Date: 
June 3, 2015

ReachLocal & Google Present an Exclusive Webinar

Consumers today are more connected and more distracted than ever before thanks to a constant attachment to web-enabled devices, and they search for local products and services in a series of disconnected moments throughout their day. Searches on mobile devices are growing, and 91% of smartphone users look up information on their phone while in the middle of another task. Today’s consumers have more information and less time than ever before, so how can your local business ensure it gets found when people are searching?

Watch this free webinar presented by Google and ReachLocal to learn:

  • How micromoments are shaping the way consumers search for and purchase local products and services
  • Why mobile search trends make search engine advertising more important than ever before for local businesses
  • How to build a search advertising strategy that helps you reach consumers no matter how they search
  • Best practices for measuring and improving results from search advertising